How to Begin a Personal Learning Network Diagram

Using a Mapping Tool to create a PLN

text2mindmapI chose to create my PLN using Text2MindMap. Originally, I’d hoped to use one of my virtual networks (Linkedin, Facebook) to maybe show connections and structure that might surprise me, but I could not get Linkedin Maps or Facebook TouchGraph to work.

PROS-I appreciate the options to add my own criteria, and the limitlessness to build from scratch,

CONS- however I may explore Coggle or MindMeister to find a better tool to illustrate my network structure and connections beyond what’s obvious to myself.


I mostly felt this mapping tool was too simple for my needs. For example, Jacob Young-Haug falls under several categories: He is my friend from the Usability Lab, an academic connection, and he is graduatingsoon to be a professional in the industry.

It would be nice to eventually use a tool that can map a more complex, more accurate, visualization of my network.

I am also not sure if I want to include all the personal connections in my social sectors. Should I choose professional or personal to make this a more useful visualization?

Introduction to my Blog

I chose this blog because I purchased the domain a little over a year ago. I had the idea for the site address and blog title, and decided to create this blog as a place holder. I chose WordPress originally because there were lots of tutorials on and I also found lot of trouble-shooting support in various forums via simple Google searches. Around the time I created this blog, I also created my eportfolio.

The design for my original idea has changed a bit to come to this outer space theme. I began with a hippie, floral design which eventually disgusted me. I could not decide between this theme option, or the pink and purple theme option, and settled on this one due to the Mac reference in the theme description. (I do not understand the appeal, but it seems as though the apple-craze is common)

I wanted to spruce up the font color, but decided against it for readability purposes. I was able to, however, add a header (photo under site name). I spent lots of time searching for the perfect image, but I could not find an image that captured outer space, writing, rhetoric, direction (like a road-map), blue prints (like architecture), and digital-looking neon designs. I hope to create an image of my own, especially since I’m not sure the picture I have here is legal. (