How to Begin a Personal Learning Network Diagram

Using a Mapping Tool to create a PLN

text2mindmapI chose to create my PLN using Text2MindMap. Originally, I’d hoped to use one of my virtual networks (Linkedin, Facebook) to maybe show connections and structure that might surprise me, but I could not get Linkedin Maps or Facebook TouchGraph to work.

PROS-I appreciate the options to add my own criteria, and the limitlessness to build from scratch,

CONS- however I may explore Coggle or MindMeister to find a better tool to illustrate my network structure and connections beyond what’s obvious to myself.


I mostly felt this mapping tool was too simple for my needs. For example, Jacob Young-Haug falls under several categories: He is my friend from the Usability Lab, an academic connection, and he is graduatingsoon to be a professional in the industry.

It would be nice to eventually use a tool that can map a more complex, more accurate, visualization of my network.

I am also not sure if I want to include all the personal connections in my social sectors. Should I choose professional or personal to make this a more useful visualization?

2 thoughts on “How to Begin a Personal Learning Network Diagram

  1. Hey Ashley! I love your PLN. It is very clean and organized, which is awesome because it is so easy to read. As for your question posed at the end, I think that either or would be a nice addition. We learn from both our social connections and those that are professional (sometimes those overlap). But I think that we are constantly learning from both so a good suggestion may be to have both on here. Being that it is a Personal Learning Network, and both teach you in different ways, it may be beneficial to have them all on there! I see what you are saying that the tool you used was pretty basic, however it still looks very clean and the appearance is very effective. Well done!

    See you soon,

  2. Hey Ashley, nice PLN! The layout is really easy to take in and doesn’t look sloppy (as some of my attempts did.) I agree with Collin, I would possibly integrate both social and personal spheres for your PLN. Your warm personality would probably lend to easy overlap of professional/personal spheres and help you to build a growing network of connections. Looks good!


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